My name’s William Bixler. Over the years I have had a lot of passions and loved doing a great deal of things. Among these are programming, parkour, lucid dreaming, graphic design, and much more.
I have always had a hunger for knowledge. I fed this hunger and discovered detailed facts in subjects that others had never even heard of. My yearning for knowledge stayed inside of theoretic sciences and computer science at first but then expanded to physical arts such as parkour, running, etc. and then started to included psychologic studies. The most interesting of these subjects¬†was EEG analysis. Everything that we know is experienced through some chemicals reactions and electric pulses. Anyways, I discovered these abstract arts, sciences, and activities and now I’m sharing them with others.


I have been programming since I was just entering 6th grade at 11 years old. My first attempted language was C+ but I was having difficulty with it so I changed to visual basic. I did very well with this language so I decided to try C# (C sharp). I did well with this language too and since then I have learned many more languages. The first language was the hardest and the rest felt like I was just adding a new letter to the alphabet rather than learning a new language. I now know over a dozen programming and scripting languages primarily for web design. My favorite language so far is Java. I understand it the most and have a great amount more experience in it than any other language.

Lucid dreaming:

In terms of experience in lucid dreaming I am still quite young but I have read a great many of articles, books, and stories about lucid dreaming, dreams, and sleep in general. I have only been aware of this lost art since December of 2012 but my knowledge on it far exceeds that of many others. I can thank Rebecca Turner and her website for much, but not nearly all, of my knowledge and motivation for the subject. I stumbled across lucid dreaming when I had a rather odd, vivid, and impacting dream and I wanted to know what a dream interpretation of it was. I found an interpretation but I also wanted to know not only what it meant but why I had it so I started to research the science of dreams. From here I discovered that it was possible to control your dreams and, naturally, my curiosity consumed me and I began to research what it can be used for, what are its capabilities and restrictions, and how to do it.

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